Renting an office

Drinks on friday, october 2018. Koen and Dick got the idear to rent an office together so they could "work overtime" and game together. This idear snowballed a little bit in the next few months. After some intensive brainstorming and some heavy lifting untill April the following year the time is finally there; eSports center Eindhoven is opening her doors officially!

First steps

The founders of eSports center Eindhoven have known eachother for many years, starting in the time they all worked at a student job agency called . After that all three of them started their own businesses and worked together on a variaty of different projects. In October 2018 the three got together for drinks on a friday afternoon. The idear came to mind to not only start a venue to perform eSports but also incorporate an association along with it. After months of planning, looking for partners, sponsors, investors and suppliers we were good to go. On the first of march 2018 we received the key to the property on the Ir. Kalffstraat 313A that is now eSports Center Eindhoven. The infrastructure was installed, professional internet connections(!) were hooked up en the interior was filled. On march 18th we opened for our beta-days. This gave us a small month to fine-tune everything for our official opening on april 18th.