Help! Getting married!

Before all that happens it's time to party like its 1995 all over again. Are you looking for fun activity to make your bachelor party memerable? Let's get ready to rumble! Take on the challenge with your friends for two hours here at eSports Center Eindhoven. Of course with a cold beer or nice glass of wine. You can play on PC, on our PlayStation4's or on the nintendo switch. You're welcome for this package with groups going up from 6 people.

What's the deal?

Choose your game, have a glass of beer, wine or our cold soft drinks en play away. For just €17,50 p.p. Are you a group of 6? You'll get one case of beer or 3 bottles of wine. 12 people or more? We'll double the supply. 18 or more... you get the drift. Cheers!

Real Men

Are you all real men? Looking forward to own the bachelor one last time before he never has time to game again? Is it one against all or will you join forces with him to achieve victory? Play PUBG, Battlefield V, FIFA or another game of choice. We'll make sure there's a cold beer waiting for you at all times. Celebrate your free life of gaming at eSports center Eindhoven before you lose the guy to his wife.

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Great women

Want to warm up for the night? How about a few games of Just Dance to get the muscles loose! Maybe you prefer a good race in Mario Kart or want to gang up on the bride in Super Smash Bros. Whatever you choose to play we've got you covered. Unfortunately Magic Mike is not part of the experience but a glass of wine or beer certainly are!

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