Teamwork, competition and fun!

Are you looking for a special company event? Something unique? At eSports Center Eindhoven we bring teambuilding to the next level. Our game-coaches will bring you and your colleagues into the world of eSports. After explaining the game and core strategies it's time to use clear communication and teamwork to get on top of the competition. After this intensive training session it's time to fuel back up. Have a cup of coffee or tea and share a tasty lunch. The perfect time to talk about what you've learned and to scope out the rivaling teams or to ask some more questions. When everyone is fully charged up it's time to focus; Let's get ready to rumble! In the afternoon you'll participate in a smoothly organised tournament between you and your co-workers. After the matches there's plenty of time for some drinks and of course the moment everybody has been waiting for. Who takes home the prize?

Two options/suggestions

We recommend some 5 games for business events. Depending on the broad game-experience of the participants we determine the game of choice together with you. Off course there are plenty of possibilities to try other games during this day. The games we advise are: FIFA19, Rocket League, CS:GO, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. If you have no personal preference we are happy to advise you the best options. For a day like this we have two different packages:

Full Day

Price: €52,50 p.p.

A full day of eSports including an experienced game-coach, training and lunch. Of course it's possible to have a few drinks after at extra costs. The package consists of about 6 hours. An example of a time tible looks as follows:

09:30 A warm welcome with coffee and tea
10:00 Explanation by game-coach
10:30 Training in teams with tips and tricks of game-coach
12:00 Tasty lunch
13:00 Tourney between teams
15:00 Prize-ceremony and optional drinks

Daypart package

Price: €35,- p.p.

Don't have time for a full day of gaming? Part of a day is also an option, whether it's in the morning or afternoon. This package is a shortened version of our full day package including an organised tournament and award ceremony. This package will take you all into the world of eSports for about 3 hours. The following is an example of a time-table.

15:00 A warm welcome with a drink
15:15 Quick explanation of the game and tournament
15:30 Organised tournament between teams
16:30 Award ceremony and drinks