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About us

The E-Sports Center Eindhoven is founded by Koen Bronswijk, Dick Rennings and Bas van Helmondt.

  • Koen Bronswijk

    An entrepreneur since 2012, mostly in the gastronomy and hospitality-branch. Responsible for welcoming all our guests.

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  • Dick Rennings

    Graduated in Communication and Marketing in 2017. Free-lance photographer. Responsible for all the communication and branding.

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  • Bas van Helmondt

    Entrepreneur in the Travel, Leisure and Events-branch since 2006. Responsible for the back-office and administration.

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At the moment, we're starting up our company. For contact or press-information, please contact us using the details below. If you want to be updated with news about E-Sports Center Eindhoven, please leave your details here.

Torenallee 45, 5617BA Eindhoven (please note: this is our office! The E-Sports Center will be somewhere else.
+31 (0)40 - 400 63 91